This process originates from the States, it can be associated with valeting but with anything that’s from the US, its bigger, better and more elaborate. Waterworx detailing improves all aspects of the visual appearance using only the finest, tried and tested products on the market today. Detailing is vehicle appearance perfection at its best and there has been so much technology built around the products, services and revolutionary tools that builds the term “Detailing”. When buying or owning a vehicle it is essentially an investment and by keeping it in a better than showroom condition it will keep its residual value and thus; “Protecting Your Investment”

Enhancement Detail – £180

The Waterworx Enhancement Detail package is designed to restore your car back to showroom finish to the furthest degree without extensive paint correction. Bringing back the original gloss finish, adding protection coating to maintain the finish of the paintwork.

Ceramic Coating Protection

From £350 according to vehicle size

  • Superior Gloss
  • Self Cleaning Effect
  • Minimise Ageing
  • Chemical Resistance

When cured this unique and advanced ceramic coating formula will transform with proper application to the surface of your paintwork, creating a rigid glass effect, maximising protection to a brilliant shine with depth.

Staged detail process:

Stage 1: £275 
Stage 2: £295 
Stage 3: £345

Time required: 6 – 12 hours

It’s all about the look and finding the most effective way to improve the look and make a vehicle better than show room condition. As a professional detailer we have to understand different paint types and how to work with them to reveal the best finish. It’s not all about the exterior painted surfaces, Interiors can also be detailed, using different techniques, tools and products, we safely clean and protect the surfaces and can even help against people suffering with allergies using stream cleaning techniques and sterilisation solutions.