Scratch & Dent Repair

If your vehicle has minor dents, scuffs, scratches or bumper damage, Waterworx offers a fast and convenient way to restore your car or van to its former glory with our car scratch repair service. We have the latest paint repair technology to fix your car’s bodywork at your home or workplace and have your vehicle back on the road same day. Waterworx provide dent removals, paint chip repair, bumper scuffs and car scratch repair for all makes, models and paintwork types.

Minor repairs may only need a ‘flat and polish’ which means removing scratches in the lacquer. Some may need to be re-sprayed if the lacquer has been broken by the damage, Waterworx will provide expert guidance to fix the problem in the most cost effective way for you.

Almost all vehicles get marks, scuffs or minor dents at one time or other, no matter how much of a careful driver you are. Whether you have had a weather related accident caused by wet, slippery roads or icy conditions, your vehicle has been scratched through every day wear and tear, scuffed in a car park, or your car or van’s paintwork has been damaged by vandals, our car scratch and dent repair service, will transform your car to its former glory.

Paintwork re-spraying services

At Waterworx, we understand how important it is to properly prepare your car for its paint job, prior to starting any work. We will thoroughly prime your car before re-spraying it, allowing us to pick up on any areas that need special attention.

When you book your car in for a vehicle re-spray, you want assurance that you can trust someone to do the job professionally and affordably. Here at Waterworx, we take the time to ensure we perfectly match the paint used for your re-spray service to your car’s current colour for a flawless finish.