Waterworx provide car valeting services in Altrincham and the North West. We pride ourselves on our well built reputation earned throughout the many years of repeat customer satisfaction. At Waterworx you will receive a high quality car washing & full valet service from our specialist car washers who are well trained, polite and friendly.

We provide specialist washing and valeting services for all types of vehicles from prestige cars, high performance cars and vans, to daily commuters and commercial vehicles.

The Worx Valet- £45

Standard Valet:

  • full exterior deep clean
  • snow foam
  • alloys deep clean plus res silk dressed
  • interior deep clean (floor mats cleaned and dressed)
  • boot area and flooring steam clean

Wax Coating – £50

At Waterworx we meticulously spend time to ensure your paint is properly prepared.

The very best of wax is only able to protect the paintwork, we recommend a thorough cleaning first to remove all dirt and debris to ensure the best possible finish. This involves deep and thorough cleaning with decontamination with use of clay bar and pre-wax cleaner.

Once paintwork is completely clear we proceed to apply the protective wax coating, this is what really brings out the shine giving your vehicle the best possible look.

Waterworx Complete – £100

Ultimate and comprehensive Valet:

  • full interior vacuum
  • windows cleaned
  • interior plastics and vinyl trim cleaned and dressed
  • mats wet-dry cleaned (rubber mats cleaned and dressed)
  • Full pro wash and radiant polish with tar deposits removed
  • mirror scratches and blemishes removed
  • colour, paintwork and shine restored
  • external trim dressed and conditioned
  • Full interior valet of seats, carpet, mats, door linings, roof lining, sun visors
  • all plastics and vinyls cleaned and dressed
  • windows cleaned and polished,
  • boot valeted
  • odours eliminated
  • leather upholstery conditioned
  • Exterior machine polish
  • Minor defects removed
  • Paint revamped


Leather interior treatment

Compliment your Waterworx valet with specialist leather upholstery treatment to clean and protect your leather interior. Maintain and enhance that sumptuous new leather experience.


Lymm Luxury Valeting

Waterworx extends our offering through partnership with Lymm Luxury Valeting. Enjoy the same high levels of service you can expect at our premises in Altrincham, on your driveway at home or place of work. We come to you for ultra convenience, wherever you may be.